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The Customer

Vrije Universiteit Brussel (VUB) has a very extensive portal website that is used intensively on a daily basis by both students, staff and teachers. Serving the various needs of these customer groups is no easy feat, so over the years VUB created different integrations and website modules to personalise it's service for different audiences.

The Challenge

As part of an organisational rebranding were asked to redesign the VUB portal website and make it more accessible and user-friendly. The site has had a long evolution and is based on a Drupal system with a big amount of legacy code. The build of the integrated web application is complex and very comprehensive with a lot of exceptions. Due to the high daily usage of the website, we needed to make sure that service was not discontinued for stakeholders and clients while implementing the redesigns.

The Quest

After different workshops, high-level designs were created for the different core pages. The structure was refined continuously via different iterations. Visual design was executed in a next phase by means of the same iterative approach. Much attention was paid to improving the customer experience, storytelling and the available content on the site. Although technical constraints were a reality to take into account we made sure that our work aligned itself to VUB's digitalisation and innovation ambitions for the future.

The Result

In the end we were able to redesign the main parts of the website and improve the information architecture & user experience. By pushing interesting content to the forefront of the site new students can immediately see the interesting stories that VUB tells. In collaboration with our technical partner District 01 we updated the existing Drupal platform and launched the redesign in time for the opening of the new academic school year.

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