What is service design?

A methodology in which we consciously design a complete service from the perspective of the user. We do not look in isolation to the separate parts, but at the holistic whole that results in one experience. We do this through real user insights in co-creation with the relevant stakeholders.

Who we’ve worked with

We are proud to collaborate with the people behind these brands.

  • Bebat
  • Vlaanderen
  • Acerta
  • Roularta
  • GO white 1
  • Ca
  • Stadbrugge
  • Stadantwerpen
  • Rsz white 1

Service design training 2021

Service design training 2021 header
  • Date: 8 and 9 September 2021

  • Location: Ghent

  • Language: Dutch

  • How much: 1.195 € per person (excl. VAT). Materials, food & drinks included.

  • Follow-up moment: 2 months after the training

Our allies

Together with Little Miss Robot and Once we make Leap Forward, a design and innovation group that helps you deliver breakthrough products, services and experiences to your customers in a consistent way.

We’re also part of De Cronos Groep, where we can find reinforcements in all kinds of expertise when we need it.