Evidence-based segmentation for optimised service packages

The customer

Acerta offers payroll services throughout Belgium to a large and varied group of clients with highly diverse profiles and needs. They are already in the process of adjusting their digital offering by proposing an array of online tools tailored to specific types of clients. However, they want to further understand their clientele and continue improving customer satisfaction through a better offering of services.

Acerta 2

The challenge

In order to better understand their customers and thus be better able to fully optimise and standardise their service offering towards different target groups, Acerta chose to work with Knight Moves. We offer a segmentation of their clients through the means of highly validated personas. These will allow them to easily identify different customer profiles and recommend optimised service packages to each of them in the future.


The quest

We strongly believe in co-creation, so together with our client we built a thorough survey which was distributed to the various contact persons of relevant companies. We then analysed the responses in order to generate first quantitative insights, which provided inspiration for the project team in our persona co-creation sessions. The detailed personas were not only co-created but also justified later through exhaustive quantitative analysis. Their assumed characteristics were all validated at the hand of a large set of responses from the survey with accompanying levels of confidence for each assumption. Further investigation even revealed the existence of another evidence-based persona later in the process. In-depth interviews and customer journey workshops allowed us to further perfect and finalise these various key profiles.


The result

We ended up with 4 highly realistic personas, each with its own set of pain points, positive experiences, specific needs and potential opportunities. Over the course of the project Acerta really started to affiliate with these archetypes and they are now understood throughout the organisation. Moving forward, this will allow Acerta to more easily communicate concerning their clients’ needs and further develop their standardised service offering. The personas were not only delivered in an attractive visual design aligned with the style of Acerta but they are also standing proudly, large as life in the Acerta offices in Leuven.

Personas all