In-house service design skill building

The customer

AHOVOKS is the Flemish government agency with the mission to make lifelong learning possible by offering higher and adult education, qualifications and study allowances for citizens. In order to achieve this, AHOVOKS strives to make their services more user-friendly. In the past, they already called upon us to support them in improving their communication on study allowances and improving the digital exam commission platform in a user-centered approach.

Prototyping 6302

The challenge

AHOVOKS wants to change their traditional siloed way of working into a more collaborative human-centered way towards their citizens. They formulated this need after our collaboration with different teams within their organisation. A cross-functional team from within AHOVOKS was selected to follow the hands-on sessions in order to maximise the knowledge sharing later in the organisation.

Challenge 1

The quest

We kickstarted by organising an exciting two-day bootcamp on an inspiring location to really immerse the participants in service design. To foster good practice afterwards, we organised follow-up trainings, each deep-diving into a specific topic: qualitative research, segmentation through personas, visualising their journeys and lastly preparing and conducting user-tests. In a third phase, we supported AHOVOKS in their improvement trajectory by offering personalised coaching on demand.

The quest

The result

Moving away from the traditional class-room experience, we inspired, delivered tailored content, provided hands-on experiences and a different way of working. By learning the theory and immediately applying it into practice we made sure the participant where confident enough to continue by themselves.

AHOVOKS now has a service design team across the organisation that makes sure the voice of the client is heard in all projects. Furthermore, their service design team still meets to share experiences and learnings. AHOVOKS now works in a more human-centred way and inspires other colleagues to deliver qualitative services.

Results 1