Service design training 2023

To deliver successful services, you sometimes need to change the way you work. In this two-day training, given in Dutch, you will get the tools and knowledge to implement successful services over time.

What does the training contain?

  • An introduction to the key principles of service design in a practical way

  • Hands-on methods and techniques to get started in your own organisation

  • Focus on the entire end-to-end service delivery

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The program

Day 1

  • An introduction to the basic principles and theory of service design
  • Identifying your target audience, using context and stakeholder mapping
  • Uncovering the needs and desires of your end-user, with various qualitative user research methods
  • Creating a deeper understanding of your target audience. How do they experience your service? What are the problems they encounter? Which opportunities lies ahead? We map everything out, using persona's and customer journeys.

Day 2

  • Nothing like a good idea generation session to start the day. We'll brainstorm on how we could meet the needs of your target audience even better with new services.
  • Making ideas and solutions tangible by creating prototypes, then validating them quickly to iterate and improve those first concepts
  • Translating concepts into actionable and implementable insights, by enriching the customer journey with the underlying back-office processes into service blueprints
  • We end our training with concrete tips to improve your services' quality long-term.

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Who will benefit from this training?

This is an introduction to service design, meant for project managers, analysts, innovation managers, designers, change managers... who:

  • want to get a better understanding of your customer's wants and needs.
  • would like to make their existing service more customer-centric.
  • want to introduce a human-centred way of working in their organisation.

Aside from our service design training, we also organise trainings for companies and teams. For more information, send an email to

Super inspirerende tweedaagse service design training door echte service design gurus David Morgan, Stina Vanhoof en Marie Denys! Ik ben erg gemotiveerd om al deze kennis toe te passen op ons bedrijf. Super training, leuke groep deelnemers! Heel erg bedankt!
Nele Peeters, Marketing Manager bij Bebat

Practical information

  • This training is given by Knight Moves' service design experts, driven professionals with experience in various sectors.
  • This training is given in Dutch.
  • We like a personal approach, therefore we allow a maximum of 12 participants per training.
  • The training will take place 26 & 27 September 2023.
  • We organise a feedback moment with all participants 2 months after the training for tailor-made advice!
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We believe it is important that this training is accessible to a diverse audience, which is why we have a flexible pricing model. In this way, we hope to give more people the opportunity to take this course. Feel free to send an email to enquire which price applies to you.

Are you paying for the training yourself?

  • Standard
    € 600 (including VAT)
  • Are you a student?
    €300 (including VAT)

Is your employer paying for the training?

  • Standard
    € 1200 (Excluding 21% VAT)
  • Do you work for a small non-profit organisation?
    € 600 (Excluding 21% VAT)


We partnered up with KMO-portefeuille, which means you can get a 40% discount on this training. More information here.

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