Service Safari

Discover your customers' needs in real life

Customers expectations are rapidly changing, to stay ahead we need to be in touch with our service end-users. With this one-day workshop we help you and your colleagues to empathise with them.

What we will do

Define Goals

We co-create a research plan where we define the research goal and define the right approach to empathize with your end-users.

Service Safari

We'll meet your service end-users and explore theirs needs by applying generative qualitative user research methods.


We analyse research results and define service gaps and opportunities.

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Meaningful Insights

We’ll collect valuable insights about the biggest problems that your end-users encounter

Hands-on Experience

You will be fully immersed in the world of end-users

Team Spirit

This day is great for teambuilding. To deliver great services, you need an excellent team spirit


You wil receive tailored tools and templates to apply in your organisation

About This day

The Practicals

  • This day will be facilitated by our service designers from Knight Moves, experienced professionals working in the industry.
  • In order to ensure a personalised experience we allow a team of 6 to 12 colleagues per session.
  • Lunch & other brain food will be provided.

Who is this safari for?

This day is an introduction to service design for teams that want to:

  • Understand what the real life struggles of their end-users are.
  • Innovate in the services that they offer.
  • Dare to hear honest user feedback and act upon it.

If you are looking for a more tailored training for your company, we are pleased to meet your needs. Send your request to

KMO - Portefeuille

We are a KMO-portefeuille partner, this means you can receive a 40% reduction on this training. You can find more info to apply here.

The cost of the service safari is 3000€ (ex. VAT). This includes all the materials and lunch and drinks.

Knight Moves is born out of passion to improve experiences for people.
We believe co-creation and teamwork are the key ingredients to success.

Meet our team


Customer immersion workshop
for you and your team.

  • From 9AM to 5PM
  • Inspirational off-site location
  • 3000€ per team (ex. VAT)
  • English / Dutch / French
  • Includes materials, lunch & drinks