Reinventing a B2B service platform

Designing a B2B service platform for Bugaboo

Customisation is an important aspect of Bugaboo's products

The Customer

Bugaboo is a Dutch design company that makes pushchairs for infants and toddlers. Founded in 1999 by designer Max Barenbrug and physician Eduard Zanen, their mission is to excite every person on the move. A passion for innovation results in products that inspire and customer experiences that are unique and qualitative. The company employs a large group of people in offices all over the world. It’s pushchairs are available in over 50 countries - distributed through a complex system of market channels and resellers.

Customisation is an important aspect of Bugaboo's products
Aligning worldwide distribution to great customer experience

The Challenge

To better support their retailer’s needs in delivering great customer experiences Bugaboo wanted to build a new B2B service platform. We were asked to map the customer journeys for this system and to investigate the organisational changes required to implement it.

Time is important for every service provider

The Quest

To kickoff the project we facilitated a 3 day design workshop at the headquarters of Bugaboo in Amsterdam. We worked closely with a team of 15 Bugaboo employees flying in from different continents. Our goal was to align stakeholders and design the first service prototypes. After the workshops we created detailed persona's and customer journey's to scope both the desired customer experience for the B2B system as well as the internal processes and actions required to implement it.

Time is important for every service provider

The Result

The Bugaboo team itself learned a lot about their organisation during the workshops. They better understood it’s systems & tools and the individual needs of each regional market. By designing models and visual representations of their organisation and placing the bonds with customers central, the steps needed to get to a new B2B service became apparent and resulted in an engaging challenge. The Bugaboo team has currently successfully implemented the new B2B service.

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