Radically digital learning platform for VDAB

Designing a digital learning platform for VDAB

Simplicity is important for large scale services

The Customer

VDAB is the public employment service in Flanders. They deliver a diverse set of services to aid people and companies in their employment process. From job offers, training and coaching to benefits, grants and specialised advice. VDAB tries to make the road to new jobs easier every day.

Simplicity is important for large scale services
A shared vision to boost engagement

The Challenge

Digital technology has changed our world radically. Innovations such as Khan Acadamy and Coursera have democratised learning worldwide. These services have lowered the threshold to learn and let people do it at their own pace and liking. VDAB has a clear vision to be part of this evolution. They asked us to implement a new online video service to enrich their programs with new didactic methods.

Supportive materials to support video creation

The Quest

In a complex organisation like VDAB, rolling out digital services requires collaboration across different departments. Through extensive field research we captured the motivations of all the people involved. We ran design workshops with large groups to engage teams for change. We designed a new multichannel video service to address evolving needs of both learners and the organisation.

Supportive materials to support video creation

The Result

After running an initial prototype and capturing feedback from a 3 month tryout, we rolled out the service in 10 competence centers across the country. We developed a new app and website to make Edutube more broadly available and designed supportive materials to stimulate video creation in the organisation. We visualised a collaboration flow to define the people, tools and costs required to deliver great videos.

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