Hack The Future

Claim the future in Belgium's most epic hackathon

Team up, select a discipline, save humanity & claim the future.

The Customer

Hack The Future is the biggest hackaton of Belgium. Powered by the Cronos Group it’s an ultimate opportunity for students to get a taste of inspiring jobs within the information technology giant. It’s an experience-driven hackaton in a unique location and brings many young people together every year to code, learn and experiment with innovative technology.

The Challenge

We were asked to define a branding an visual designs for this year’s hackathon. In co-creation with Wonderland we worked closely to create an experience worthwhile sharing by everyone. We wanted the students to be blown away not only by interesting technical challenges, but also by a setting that oozes with character.

The Quest

We started by creating 3 possible storytelling concepts, picking a fallout theme as the one to work in detail. We drafted a full-day program and co-created different technical challenges with the tech companies aligned to the storytelling. Thanks to the unique location we had a tremendous opportunity to immerse the students completely in the experience of ‘hacking the future’.

The Result

We made a website to communicate the hackathon and register students. By creating mood visuals we delivered inspiration for the decoration of the fort. We designed challenge badges, flyers, posters, t-shirts, … as supportive materials for the branding and communication of the event.


Legioen captured the action and atmosphere in this after-movie below.

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