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It’s time for a new look!

Published on 16 Mar, 2021

We have been helping organisations gain insight into the needs of their users and translating these into qualitative services for 6 years now. Unbelievable how much has happened since the beginning:

Over the years, our mission has become sharper:

  • Design services that provide added value
  • Represent the voice of the end user
  • Facilitate co-creation and collaboration
  • Stimulate solution-oriented thinking
  • And share our knowledge and expertise

That is why the time has come for a new look. A more human & accessible style without losing the wink to our knight. Because we continue to fight for the voice of the user! ⚔️

An unbelievable thank you to the Knights who ensure that we got to know our personality as a company more and more every day. Thanks to Little Miss Robot who is the best partner to translate this brand into a top-notch website. Thanks to Once Storytelling for launching the branding through this video. Thanks to Leap Forward for supporting us every step along the way.

Thanks to all our customers and partners for the trust and the pleasant partnerships.

On to the next 6 years!

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