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Sneaking Service Design into large organisations

Published on 11 Oct, 2017

Read all about our talk at the Globale Service Design Conference 2017. Top insights on how to spark interest, show impacts and go viral with service design processes in your organisation.​

Design expert addresses audience at Global Service Design Conference.

1. Spark interest

A couple of years ago we got fairly small projects in which we introduced the concepts of Service Design. We were showing companies how they could focus more on their customers by making persona’s. We co-created customer journeys of their current services and their ideal future journeys. By introducing these tools we make them aware of how they could organise themselves in a more customer-centred way. We sparked interest for Service Design.

Illustration of man lighting a flare in a forest.

Small projects to introduce service design concepts

  • Facilitating co-creation workshops
  • Concepts of service design systems
  • Generating personas
  • Creating customer journeys
  • Value discovery tracks

2. Show impact

But sparking interest is not enough to deliver great experiences. We soon moved onto the bigger more holistic projects. We started designing services that are distributed over different departments of an organisation. We saw our design work moving more and more towards the internal organisation, we co-designed people's jobs and internal structures to be able to implement complex services and deliver great experiences to customers.

Illustration of man with child on his shoulders watching the fireworks appearing behind the trees.

Larger holistic projects that yields significant results

  • Service system implementation
  • Design & roll-out of one or more touchpoints
  • Iterative design process together with the organisation

3. Go viral

But we realised introducing new services asks a lot more from an organisation, it has a large impact on the internal organisations. Organisation want to organise themselves in a different way, they want to know how they can become more people-centred as a whole. They want the service design way of working to become part of their DNA. Therefore we see our role increasingly expanding towards facilitators of a design process and trainers of service design skills.

Illustration of place in the forest where many flares are ready to be lit.

Making service design part of the organisation

  • Service design trainings
  • More projects in different departments
  • Advising on design processes
  • Co-creating the organisational culture