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Service design training

Embed human-centered skills in your organisation

To overview

Why a service design training

Do you want to implement a more human-centered way of working in your organisation and innovate based on user needs? There are many techniques that you can embed in your way of working. We give a variety of service design trainings and follow-up coaching sessions to help you on this journey. From organising a user test to building research based personas to facilitating co-creation, etc.

Our approach

We give you the necessary theoretical background but quickly move towards practical tailored exercises. Together we select real projects and immediately put the learned knowledge into practice. The best way to learn is by doing, therefore we organise a series of coaching moments to evaluate and iterate on the skills you learned. Each organisation is different, thus all our trainings are tailor made. We co-create your service design training plan before we start.

Tools & methods

Usability testing

Learn how to organise a user test with real users


Learn how to organise, prepare and facilitate co-creation workshop for different purposes

Research based personas

Learn how the build qualitative research based persona profiles

Support for internalization

Stimulate the flow of knowledge in the organization according to known change management principles



We make sure you can immediately implement you new skills on real projects during a training


We emphasize the elements that are relevant to your organization and projects.

Long-term support

Learn by doing and iterating, therefore we organise follow-up coaching sessions