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Service strategy

Co-creating strategies for new and existing services

To overview

Why service strategy

Whether you have a great idea for a brand-new service or provide existing services for your customers, having a solid service strategy is always a good idea. Who is your primary audience? What are their needs that you need to provide? How will you roll out your service? Utilizing a collaborative and human-centered approach, we help you crystallize your service vision and translate it into a future-proof service strategy. Together we create a plan with clear and measurable goals.

Our approach

While developing a service strategy we work together with stakeholders across fields and involve the user early in the process.

At the earliest stage we start off with a thorough analysis to understand your service context:

  • Stakeholder mapping to define who your key stakeholders are

  • Mapping back-stage and front-stage processes at play

  • Performing a data analysis

  • Executing user research

In a second stage we will explore and conceptualize the service strategy

  • Crystalizing your service vision

  • We utilize several design thinking methods according to the project needs, such as value proposition workshops, customer journey exercises, persona creation, service blueprint,...

  • More user research

In the final stage of the service strategy development, we prototype and test service concepts. We test ideas early and often to incorporate user insight as soon as possible in the process. We deliver viable and tested concepts that reduce implementation risk and increase adoption.

Tools & methods

Value proposition

Using the Value Proposition Canvas as a tool, we make sure that your service positioning is centered around the customer values and needs.

Service vision

Synthesizing a service vision in a way that is clear, concrete, future-proof and desirable.

Service blueprint

The service blueprint goes a step further than your customer journey map as it adds the process layer of front- and back-office interactions with your customer. It helps you to discover weaknesses and opportunities in your process flow.

Digital transformation

We help you confidently move forward from non-digital and manual processes or obsolete technologies into the future by offering leading edge services for your customers.


Endorsed by stakeholders

By involving stakeholders throughout the design process, every decision and concept is fully supported and endorsed in the organisation.

Approved by users

The development of the service strategy starts and ends with the user. The user-centric approach validates service concepts at every stage and reduces implementation risks.


Having a clear service vision and strategy enables organisations to move forward with greater confidence and greater results.