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Municipality of Zedelgem

Co-creating a citizen centred service offering for the town and social services of Zedelgem

The customer

Zedelgem is a town in the Belgian Province of West-Flanders with over 20.000 inhabitants. They offer a wide variety of services to their citizens. From applying for passports to organising cultural events to renting out materials and space for associations. The social services (OCMW) of Zedelgem was a separate organisation that offers a wide variety of social services like food delivery, social activities and financial support. Together they were in front of a huge transformation to merge into one organisation..

Zedelgem logo

The Challenge

The town and the social services of Zedelgem saw this fusion as an opportunity to improve their offering to their citizens and took on the challenge to become a more citizen-centric organisation. Together with them we took on the challenge to implement a more qualitative physical and digital service offering.

Storyboard of the process of finding your way around a city hall office to the right counter.

The quest

We started by interviewing citizens and capturing their opinions on the service offering. We discovered the pain points they experienced, like complex opening hours and long waiting times. We also spoke to employees and spend time observing the current operation of the organisation both at the town hall and the social services office. Together we analysed the results and co-created a more citizen centred service offering, both digital and physical.

Sketch of what the counter could potentially look like.

The result

In close collaboration we delivered a visitor friendly town hall with comfortable waiting room and a clear flow through the building. A brand-new logo and visual identity that breaths Zedelgem and can be used for all digital and physical customer touchpoints. We also designed and delivered a user-friendly new website with more digital services.

This project was a collaboration with our friends from Little Miss Robot, Hyperion and District01.

Zedelgem's brand identity is reflected through the logo, the Zedelgem magazine and the revamped Zedelgem website.