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User experience design

Designing user-friendly digital products or services

To overview

Why we believe in user experience design

For many services, a lot of interactions that your customers have are through digital products. It is crucial to design these in a human-centred way because these digital product can impact how your customers perceive the entire service you provide. When you put the user first, it increases the overall quality of the customer experience. It helps you figure out the exact interactions between a user and the product or service. This makes it possible to design a product or service that is intuitive to the user and ‘just makes sense’ and without any unnecessary features that get in the way of good user experience.

Onze aanpak

Onze belangrijkste prioriteit is begrijpen hoe de gebruiker denkt en wat de gebruiker nodig heeft. Dat doen we door middel van gebruikersonderzoek, co-creatie, user-testing en het vragen om feedback, van begin tot eind van het ontwerpproces. Het doel is om een end-to-end service te creëren voor een naadloze klantervaring.

  • Informatie-architectuur
  • Prototyping

  • Wireframen

  • Co-creatie

  • Validatie

  • Feedback

  • Visueel ontwerp

  • Front-end

Tools & methods


Style guides


Better usability

Thanks to validation by the user early in the design process, your product or service will have higher usability or will be used more often.

Validation without development costs

Building a product or service can be a costly process, especially if you don’t do it properly from the start. Thanks to UX design, you don’t have to run the risk of creating a product nobody wants.

New ideas

Our co-creative approach in the UX design process helps generate new ideas from colleagues and clients.


Getting everyone on the same page about a product or service and its functionalities is not always easy. In UX design, we take the needs of all stakeholders into account from the get-go.