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Making processes for companies more user-friendly through a survey and focus groups.

The customer

Bebat is a non-profit environmental organisation responsible for collecting, sorting and recycling of batteries in Belgium. It's Bebat's mission to remain world-class in the sector by continuously improving its processes both with regard to quality and quantity. To do so Bebat maintains strong partnerships with multiple stakeholders: the companies that put batteries on the market, citizens who hand in empty batteries, the diverse collection points (schools, shops, recycling parks...), and the recyclers.

The challenge

Bebat appealed to our expertise to identify, prioritise and tackle pain points and opportunities in their collaboration with so called 'participants'. These are companies that sell or produce batteries. Bebat fulfills their legal take back obligation by collecting, sorting and recycling the batteries they put on the market. Bebat also works on prevention, awareness-raising and reporting to the regional authorities.

The participants must declare monthly or yearly how many and which types of batteries they brought on the Belgian market. It's Bebat's wish to support the companies in this task and to make the processes involved (declaration, payment, audit) as easy as possible. In the end, easier processes contribute to more accurate figures of the batteries put on market and allow the Bebat employees to spend more time on the support of current and new companies.

Personas of Bebat partners.

The quest

Key in this quest was giving voice to the companies themselves. We reached out to more than 350 companies through three focus groups and an online survey. Using a customer journey, we mapped out all pain points experienced by the companies.

In collaborative workshops with internal stakeholders at Bebat we prioritised opportunities and created sound solutions to make key steps in the journey more easy.

Finally we extended Bebat's persona set so that they have an up to date tool to keep in mind the diversity in needs, drivers and possibilities among the companies.

Customer journey of the process for Bebat partners.

The result

Key processes are made more easy and intuitive for Bebat's participating companies. In the short run companies will benefit from a more user friendly platform, a simplified procedure for the retro-active declaration, bundled information and a more straightforward audit process.

In the longer run, a new tool will support companies in challenging tasks such as identifying the right type of batteries and calculating how many batteries they put on the market. For Bebat, these improvements will contribute to more accurate figures, a growing number of members and more time for the back-office employees to support companies. We support Bebat in these steps in a continued partnership.

Laptop with the user-friendly Bebat platform open.